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Food-positive, body-positive nutrition counseling

Choose Food | Registered Dietitian Nutritionists | Austin, TX

Food-positive, body-positive nutrition counseling

Learn How to Escape the Diet Cycle

If you are struggling to make healthy changes in your life that stick, you are not alone. You may feel discouraged that you haven’t been able to stick to a diet, but here’s the truth:

You haven’t failed your diet, your diet has failed you.

Most dieters end up gaining more weight than they lost and repeated attempts to diet can lead to binge eating, emotional eating, and powerful food cravings that are hard to control.

We can help you regain control of your relationship with food. Our nutritionists use a mindful eating, client-centered approach that has helped our clients reduce blood glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure, depression, disordered eating behaviors, and food cravings.

You don't need a diet

Learn how food-positive, body-positive nutrition counseling can give you the support you need to develop a healthy relationship with food. Book a free consultation with a registered dietitian today!

 Our Specialties

Repair Your Relationship With Food

Not only is repeatedly dieting more likely to result in weight gain than in weight loss, diets hurt our relationship with food. People with a history of dieting are more likely to struggle with binge eating, emotional eating, and intrusive thoughts about food.

Work with us to develop a healthy, flexible, and joyful relationship with food.

Nutrition Counseling for Chronic Disease


Add a registered dietitian to your healthcare team. Our dietitian nutritionists can help you manage diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, celiac disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome, food intolerances, IBS, and more.

Wellness Nutrition


Are you currently in good health? The best time to see a dietitian is before there is a problem. In fact, most insurance companies now recognize that good nutrition is preventative medicine, which is why most plans cover yearly wellness nutrition check-ups with a registered dietitian nutritionist at no cost to you.

Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping

Buying, preparing, and eating great tasting and healthful foods is not always easy. Your life is full and it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the information about food and health.

Let us help! Learn how you can work with a dietitian to plan for and prepare healthful food that tastes amazing.

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