Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in Austin, Texas

Deborah Torrey Fisher, MS, RDN, LD

I enjoy working with a variety of different clients! Some of my favorites have been:

  • Athletes: especially distance/endurance athletes such as marathoners or triathletes. Whether it’s for an upcoming training cycle or help meeting specific goals, I love helping fuel athletes to their best!
  • Moms: pregnant, postpartum, nursing, or just super busy moms with real lives and a house full of kids! Nutrition can get lost in the chaos of motherhood, and I enjoy helping moms find practical, sustainable ways to keep it a main focus for themselves and their families.
  • Chronic Dieters: the “always on a diet” and obsession with food trends is a rough path! I thoroughly enjoy helping people break the maddening diet-cycle and develop a loving relationship with food.
  • Chronic Conditions: medical nutrition therapy can be life changing for those with lifelong conditions, such as gastrointestinal diseases, diabetes, or PCOS. I am incredibly passionate about using nutrition as an integral part of the care process for all types of chronic conditions, and using food as an enjoyable means to help manage them as well!
  • Tube Feeding: I can offer support and guidance as you learn how to manage new tube feedings, adjust feeding schedules or formulas, or begin to wean off enteral feeds. Enteral nutrition support can be provided in the comfort of your home for short- and long-term tube feeding needs.

On a personal note, I am a wife of a teacher/coach, mother of three little ones, marathoner and avid runner, foodie, and movie lover. I practice balance with life and wellness and food, and love helping people do the same.

I’m currently accepting new clients. I can meet with clients in-person at our Central Austin location or virtually via video chat.

Prior Experience & Training

Clinical Dietitian, Resolute Health Hospital
Child Nutrition Specialist, Hays Consolidated School District
1250 hours of post-grad supervised practice through Texas State University
​Master of Science in Human Nutrition from Texas State University
Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Science from Texas State University


​Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN #860065639)
Texas State Licensed Dietitian (LD #DT84324)

In the Media

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