Picky Eater Rescue

It's time to declare peace on mealtime


Apply now to be part of a Summer 2018 group

Picky Eater Rescue

It's time to declare peace on mealtime


Apply now to be part of a Summer 2018 group

This page is for parents who live in the Austin, TX area. Located elsewhere? Click here to be redirected to the online groups page.

Free Webinar for Parents of Picky Eaters

Register for our FREE webinar: Understanding and Helping Your Picky Eater. You’ll learn how to differentiate between normal and problematic picky eating behaviors and how to apply three strategies to help your little one learn to like more foods.

The webinar is Tuesday, June 19 at 1:30 PM CST. Registerants will be sent a recording after the event, so be sure to sign up!


You worry that your child’s picky eating is causing him or her to eat too little (or too much)


You are exhausted from power struggles with your child over food


You feel ready for a strategy that is respectful of your child’s emotional experience and helps him or her build a healthy relationship with food

Help for Parent of Picky Eaters

This small group is for Austin parents who worry that that their child’s “picky eating” behaviors are getting in the way of proper nutrition or are contributing to mealtime tantrums, never-ending food fights, and frustrating power struggles over food.

Although some amount of picky eating is developmentally normal, some children’s picky eating behaviors can persist into adolescence and can lead to nutrient deficiencies, risk of under- or overweight, anxiety, and depression. Parents are often concerned that the eating rules they were raised with (e.g. “clean plate club”) might do more harm than good. They tell us that it is hard to balance supporting their child’s growing sense of Independence with making sure that their child is getting the nutritious foods they need to grow.

The Picky Eating Rescue group is led by Lauren Brauer, MS, RDN, LD, a registered dietitian with more than a decade of experience helping families resolve food struggles. During this 4-week program, Lauren provides parents with positive and evidence-based tools that help defuse mealtime meltdowns, decrease anxiety around mealtimes, and structure meals and snacks in a way that encourages children to learn to like a greater variety of foods. Our group’s curriculum is based on the positive and evidence-based child feeding principles of  Ellyn Satter and Dr. Katja Rowell.


This group is for you if…

 Join Picky Eating Rescue to:

  • Reduce anxiety about foods and mealtimes (for yourself and your child)
  • Understand the evidence-based methods of reducing picky eating behaviors in children
  • Structure meals and snacks in a way that encourages your child to try new foods
  • Gain an understanding of your own relationship with food and use this to help foster a healthy food relationship for your child
  • Look forward to calm, peaceful mealtimes with your family
  • Receive support from other parents who can relate

Group Structure

Intake: Interested parents will complete a brief intake via telephone with a registered dietitian. By learning more about your particular struggles and concerns, we can match you with parents who have similar needs.

Groups of 6 to 8 caregivers will meet over the course of 4 weeks. We have created an online / in-person group hybrid format that can help you fit this group into your hectic schedule. The first group session will be held at the Choose Food office. For weeks 2 through 4, you will meet with your group and individually with Lauren online.

Each week, Lauren Brauer will lead parents through guided discussions and learning activities that will help your family gain control of food struggles. You’ll gain tips, tools, and exercises that will help you respond to your child’s picky eating behaviors in a positive way that has been clinically proven to reduce picky eating behaviors. We’ll also give you “scripts” that will guide you during discussions with your child or other important caregivers in your child’s life about your family’s journey to raise a healthy eater.

Week 1: Lauren Brauer will lead an in-person group session at the Choose Food office for 1.5 hours. During this session, Lauren will provide guidance and tools to begin your Picky Eating Rescue journey.

Week 2: Lauren will lead an online group session. During this 1.5 hour session, you and the other parents will share the results of your first week of Picky Eating Rescue activities. Lauren will give each family individualized feedback and help the group troubleshoot issues as they arise. Based on the progress of the group, Lauren will provide additional education, tips, and advice to continue your Picky Eating Rescue journey.

Week 3: This week, you will have the opportunity to record a family meal and discuss it with Lauren in a private, one-on-one session online. Lauren will watch the meal video with you and provide individualized support and feedback.

Week 4: Parents will meet online for 1.5 hours to share progress and receive additional tips and tools for you to continue to support your child’s healthy relationship with food.

Your Commitment

The Picky Eating Rescue group is right for parents who:

  • Can commit to attending 4 group sessions this July/August.
  • Are ready to try positive and evidence-based techniques that follow the division of eating responsibility (i.e. parents are responsible for what and when, children are responsible for whether and how much).

Summer 2018 Groups: Applications Now Open

Our summer 2018 groups run for 4 weeks and begin in July. Because children and caregivers can struggle with a wide variety of picky eating issues, we ask that interested caregivers complete this secure application form as completely as possible. This will let us match you with a group of parents who have concerns similar to yours. Once you submit your application, we will in touch to discuss your child’s picky eating behaviors and find the group that is right for you. You can also give us a call to talk about what might be best for your family: 512-318-2509 or email us at [email protected].

Apply the Picky Eating Rescue group today

Apply to join one of our summer Picky Eating Rescue groups today! We’ll collect information about your struggles with picky eating and match you up with parents who have similar concerns.